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“…A single group of atoms existing only in one copy produces orderly events, marvelously tuned in with each other and with the environment according to most subtle laws… we are here obviously faced with events whose regular and lawful unfolding is guided by a ‘mechanism’ entirely different from the ‘probability mechanism’ of physics.”

E. Schrödinger. What is Life? 1944


“…[The] place of the embryonic formative process is a field (in the usage of physicists) the boundaries of which, in general, do not coincide with those of the embryo but surpass them. Embryogenesis, in other words, comes to pass inside the fields. … Thus what is given to us as a living system would consist of the visible embryo (or egg, respectively) and a field.”

Gurwitsch, A.G. The Theory of the Biological Field. 1944


“…[B]iology remains today, as it has always been, a repository of conceptual enigmas for contemporary physics…”

Robert Rosen. Essays on Life Itself. 1999


“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

W. Shakespeare. Hamlet


There are yet-unknown physical forces and interactions that are responsible for emergence and function of life. The epigenetic biofield control system of the organism (EBCSO) carries fundamental programs of life – development, maintenance, reproduction and death – that are re-encoded from the available genetic material at any stage of organism’s development. EBCSO also holds two mechanisms for realization of those programs: in behavior — the mind — and in physiology (no name as yet). Neither of the above can be explained by currently known physical forces but they demonstrate properties of energy and information.


— To bring the concept of the Biofield Control System (BCS) presented in The Book to the attention of the scientific community.

— To arrange an experimental study on sensitivity of embryonic stem cells in vitro to female’s BCS reproduction program.

— To stimulate founding of an International Scientific Consortium For the Advansement in Biophysics and Medicine.

— To initiate studies of physical carriers of epigenetic control systems on colonies (bacteria, ants, termites, etc.) where the control system must be spread in space occupied by the colony.

Savely Savva founded the Monterey Institute for the Study of Alternative Healing Arts (MISAHA- nonprofit corporation) in 1990 and ...

LIFE and MIND—In Search of the Physical Basis, Edited by Savely Savva.

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Monterey Institute for
the Study of
Alternative Healing Arts

Dear Friends,
I am saddened to say that Savely Savva passed away in September 2012.
I will keep the site up in hope that people can benefit from his ideas and his research.
He understood that there is an unseen force that binds us to each other and to the Universe and we have the ability to control it, although some to a greater extent then others. In his life, he seeked out these special individuals. He wanted to show this force, this field, to everyone, but as of now, science has not caught up with his dream. I hope that the science of the future will find what he was looking for.

With Love,
Alex Savva

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